Ques 1- What kind of a person was Evans?
Ques 2- What were the precautions taken for the smooth conduct of the exam?
Ques 3- What were the objects found in Mclerry's suitcase that puzzled Jackson?
Ques 4- What two purpose the correction slip serves and which of them Evans considered more important?
Ques 5- Who do you think had the last laugh the governor or Evans?
Ques 6- Describe Evans escape from the jail?
Ques 7- Character sketch of Evans?

Chapter Evans Tried O'level

Dear student,

The answers are as follows:

Answer 1: Evans was a congenital kleptomaniac. He was given the title of “Evans the Break” as he had thrice escaped from the prison. He was a very clever, humorous and lively person. His entire plan of pretending to take tuitions for the o-level exam, the escape after the examination and then the final flight turned out all well. He had hoax calls made inorder to get the required information. Further, he was manipulative which is evident in the way he successfully convinced the officers to let him keep his hat on which hid his cropped hair that helped him impersonate McLeery later on. He made several clever yet seemingly innocent moves, like taking on a blanket, keeping the pen in the mouth, etc. Moreover, he was a humorous person who cracked jokes with the Governor towards the end of the story. Even his jokes were full of clever remarks. He was not the violent sort and used to win over people through his imitations as in the Christmas concerts. He was good at pretentions and reeked of confidence, both of which helped in carrying out his escape plan.

*The above explanation can also be used as an answer to question 7.

Answer 2: The Governor was suspicious of the true intentions of Evans in wanting to take the exams. Fearing his fourth escape, the exam was ordered to be conducted inside the prison cell which was installed with a microphone, to keep a check on this intelligent prisoner. His cell was properly scrutinized by the prison staff who took away anything which could pose a threat in the smooth conduct of the examination. On the day of exam, the prison staff was put on high alert and special care was taken to promptly lock all doors and gates. Stephens was ordered to keep an eye on the exam proceedings. Even the invigilator, a parson, was frisked thoroughly before the examination.

Answer 3: Jackson found a small semi-inflated rubber ring in Mcleery’s suitcase which puzzled him and he asked Mcleery whether he wished to go for a swim.

Answer 4: The correction slip helped kill two little birds with a single stone, it provided the name of the hotel to Evans and the exact time the exam started for the Governor. The question paper was meant to create a muddle for everyone through misdirection.  

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