ques 1 write note on NABARD

ques 2 measures to remove the shortcoming of rural credit

ques 3 explain importance of cooperative in india

I. NABARD was established in the year 1982 as an apex institution that controls and regulates the activities of  rural banking institutions. Some of the functions of NABARD are discussed below:

Functions of NABARD

    1. Apex Rural Credit Institute
    2. Take Necessary steps to Improve Credit Delivery System
    3. Coordinates the Rural Financing Activity
    4. Refinancing and Monitoring other Financial Institutions

II. The Government of India has taken many steps in overcoming the shortcomings in the rural credit in the following manner.

    1. Establishing NABARD as an apex institution, which monitors, controls and regulates the rural banking institutions.
    2. Encouraging rural people to thrift and save more, which are channelised as per the needs of the members through the cooperative societies. 
    3. Extending credit at cheaper rates and conditions.
    4. Launching the Micro-credit through SHGs and NGOs
    5. Kissan Credit Card
    6. The Poor Women's Bank 
    7. Opening-up Regional Rural Banks

III. Importance of Cooperatives in India:

    1. To eliminate the role of money lenders as a source of credit.

    2. To provide easy and adequate credit to the farmers.
    3. To expand the flow of credit in rural areas.


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