Ques-24.9 gram of acid (Molar mas = 98g) was dissolved in one litre solution. now 1000ml of this solution was completely neutralised by 90ml of naoh solution. the strength of naoh solution was 40g/litre. the basicity of the acid is

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Let the basicity of acid be "n".

1000 mL solution of acid contains 24.9g acid.
Moles of acid = 4.998 = 0.05
The solution of NaOH is 40 g/L, this means;

1L NaOH solution contains 40g NaOH,

Hence 90 mL NaOH solution will contain = 401000×90 = 3.6g NaOH; Moles of NaOH = 3.640 = 0.09

At complete neutralisation point, Equivalents of both acid and base will be equal;

0.05×n = 0.09×1n2
Hence basicity is equal to 2.
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