Ques 9 we need answer with justification

Ques 9 we need answer with justification The product of v.vo numbers is the largest 2•digil number If one of the numbers is —I l. find the other' O dividing —8016by x, the answer obtainedis —16. Find the.value Ofintegerx, e. 48+1-16) [15+60-42) + «-33).3) 7. by the Of —8 —9 Find the product ofsum of three cons«utive smallest positive numbers with the Sum Of (heir corresponding . In an Off Season Sale. a shopkeeper makes a profit of e 50 on sale of one shirt and a loss of e 20 on sale of a pair of Find the number of shirts sold by him, if the total profit made by him is 020 and the number of pants sold is a test. +3 marks are given for every correct answer and —l mark are given for every incorrect answer gusmpted the questions and scored 420 though she got 10 correct answers. has she auemptcd? - How many quesuonsuere given in the test?

Dear Student,
Let number of shirts = x
Profit made on each shirt sold = Rs.50 
Profit made on selling the shirts = Rs. 50x
Loss on selling a pair of pants = Rs. 20
number of pairs of pants sold = 4
Therefore, acc. to the question,
Total profit = Profit on shirts - Loss on pants
820=50×x-4×20820=50x-80820+80=50x900=50xor      50x=900x=90050x=18Hence, shopkeeper sale 18 shirts and 4 pants.Regards!

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