Ques no.3,5,9,10,11,13

Ques no.3,5,9,10,11,13 te a note on the major theme underlying the story of Invisible Man'. C 3 2. How is the invisible man isolated from the larger community ? Invisible Man' shows that the individual is powerless. as compared to the larger society 4. Is Kemp's betrayal of Griffin justified ? Yes/No. Explain. 5y—-The invisible man is always interested in power.' Discuss the statement with reference to the novel The Invisible Man'. 6. The story of the novel is told in a simple and straightforward manner. Discuss. VThe story of the novel revolves around Griffin, the invisible man.' Discuss the plot of the novel with reference to this statement. 6 8. Comment on the plot-construction Of the novel The Invisible In the story of the novel The Invisible Man', the author presents the story by the use of contrast. Discuss- 19How was Colonel Adye, the police chief, shot in the battle that took place in the house of Dr Kemp ? 1k WT1at role did Dr Kemp play in the defeat and death Of Griffin ? 12. Why did Dr Kemp refuse to be a part Of Griffin •s plan ? 1kGriffin, the invisible man. is introduced as a mysterious stranger but he is a great scientist. Discuss. 14. Write a note on the characteristic traits of Dr Kemp. Vive a character-sketch of Marvel, the tramp. A AAAAA 12791

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