ques no 3 with reason
ques no 3 with reason Alit/ NEET & AllMS elati( Which of the following is not a derived force? UUension in a string (2) van der Waal forces t(3) Nuclear force between proton-proton (4) Electrostatic force between proton-proton Which one of the following does not experience 1. 12. In a double 8 joule In an and p the d

See a derived force is a force which can be calculated using formulae and derivation or infact in a better explained way, a force that can be calculated from other fundamental quantities of our unit system.

While tension is due to the weight on a strong can be calculate, vander waals forces are due to interactions again, can be calculated and electrostatic force due to charges also can be calculated - strong nuclear force is the only qty who value cannot be measured or calculated to the exact value.

Nuclear force acts between quarks inside and that force can be measured to an extent only at that particular instant and only for positron - and then too  - not to the exact and full value.

Hence option (3) should be correct!
Hope this helped ! :))

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