question.1)"management helps in achieving group goals" .Explain. (5 marks)
what I write in this question so to get full 5 marks.

Hi Ravi, 

As per the statement 'management helps in achieving the group goals' , it is one of the importance of management which is explained as:
‚ÄčManagement can be defined as a process of getting the work or the task done that is required for achieving the goals of an organisation in an efficient and effective manner. Process implies the functions of the management. That is, planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling. On the other hand, effective implies completing the given task and work while, efficient means successfully completing the task with minimum possible cost. It has to satisfy the needs of various stakeholders like employees, shareholders, government etc. Management helps them to provide an insight towards the achievement of organisational goals on time with the optimum utilisation of resources and in a best possible manner by keeping their  personal interest in mind so that they all be directed towards achievement of organisational goals.
For example, the personal objective of employee is to get the maximum remuneration whereas the organisational goal is to earn maximum profit, management should be able to make its employees realise that if they work towards organisational goals, then they will automatically get the more remuneration and thus the group goals get achieved.


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