Question 10 please solve asap

10.    An electronics company. G Ltd. is facing problem of declining market share due to increased competition from other new and   existing players in the market. Its competitors are introducing lower priced models for mass consumers who are price sensitive. For quality conscious consumers, the company is introducing new models with added features and new technological advancement.

  Prepare a model business plan for G Ltd. to meet the existing challenge. You need not be specific about quantitative parameters. You may specify which type of plan you are preparing.

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In such situation strategy formulation would be advisable, It is a single use plan. It is designed to cope up with the competition. i) Aggressive advertising and sales promotion technique must be adopted. ii)  The company should list down its strengths and weakness, it would bring out as what would be easy and what will be difficult.


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Strategy are only plan which are to prepared only to handle compition
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