Question 2 plz

Question 2 plz organ •c farnling 2 Exp;ain the various methods which are control

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Answer to question number 2 is as follow:

Various methods used to control plant diseases are:-
1. Chemicals and pesticides are sprayed in field to avoid pests. Example Bordeaux mixture is used to kill fungus that cause that cause disease in plants. 

2. Biocontrol strategies could be adopted. Animals that eat pests are released into farm
Fungus like Trichoderma eats various nematodes that cause diseases in plants. Larvae of ladybird are cultured and released into farm which will soon eat Aphids. 

3. Soil treatment could be done by using fumigants to kill microbes. 

4. Antibiotics could be targetted to plants. Example include streptomycin is used to control bacterial pathogen. 

5. Disease resistant varieties should be tried to grown in field. 

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