Question 3 ( 4.0 marks)

Fill in the blanks choosing the most appropriate words from the given options.

Preeti Kotwal, personal trainer and fitness expert at a city gym, agrees, "More than anyone else, it's the teenagers who have this craze of (a)____________ stars. They don't (b)____________ that, most of the time, the way the stars look are camera tricks. Just as they change their fashion statements, they want to keep(c)____________ their body." So how(d)____________ she handle their queries and confusion? "Education is very important, and we always work towards raising awareness about fitness. We tell them that it takes at least three months to change a body."

(a) (i) are aping (ii) ape (iii) aped (iv) aping

(b) (i) understands (ii) understood (iii) understand (iv) understanding

(c) (i) changing (ii) changes (iii) change (iv) changed

(d) (i) will (ii) does (iii) would (iv) do


(a) iii (b) iv (c) i (d) ii

For the b question you have given answer to be iv option but according to me it should be iii

Am I right?

Yes, both of you are right. The correct answer should be option (iii). We regret the inconvenience caused and would rectify it soon. 

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ys u r correct

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