Question 4:

(i) Did Ernest see in Gathergold the likeness of the Stone Face?

(ii) Who did he confide in and how was he proved right?

(i) No, Ernest did not see in Gathergold the likeness of the Stone Face.

(ii) He confided in the Great Stone Face. When everybody else believed that Gathergold resembled the Stone Face, he turned away from the wrinkled shrewdness of that unpleasant face and gazed up the valley, where the Stone Face seemed to say He will come! Fear not, Ernest; the man will come! He was proved right when later Gathergold died and was buried. His wealth, which was the body and spirit of his existence, had disappeared before his death. Since the time he lost his gold, it had been generally agreed that there was no likeness between him and the majestic face upon the mountain.

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1. no bcoz despite gathergold seemed jst lyk great stone face he hd a little tinge of shrewdness on his faace wich may hv developed bcoz he may hv used illegle ways to earn money.

2.he confided in to great stone face n ws proved right as gathergold died in poverty n neglect

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