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                                                    Common Man’s Woes During the Monsoon

                                                                         By Karuna Kaushik

After surviving the heat of the summer, the cool showers of monsoon truly are a respite. Everything looks clean and refreshed as the rain water washes away the dirt and also leaves behind an earthy fragrance. For most people monsoon brings immense joy; however for some it brings muck and illnesses. It is the cause of their woes.

Global warming has resulted in major climatic changes which has affected the seasons drastically. Monsoon for one, has not been the same. The rainfall has been quite erratic in the recent past. As a result while some parts of India suffered drought, others were flooded due to incessant rainfall. However, the problem does not end there. Recent floods in many metropolitan cities of the country during the monsoon season laid bare the hollowness of the claims of the civic authorities of their preparedness.

Slightest rainfall causes the drains to overflow, which flood the roads in return. The potholes formed on the road get filled with water and quickly become the breeding space for various disease causing bacteria. More often than not the murky water hides under it the uncovered pits, ditches and manholes, which cause severe accidents and are a threat to life.

Since the civic authorities do not take timely action, unnecessary traffic jams, electrical failure, office goers and school children half submerged in the drain water overflowing on the road, etc. have become a common sight during the monsoon every year. While the poor and the common man has to bear the brunt of the problems, not much help is provided to them and no one is ever held accountable as to why these problems occur. Until and unless the concerned officials are held accountable for not performing their duties properly, the scenario is not going to get better for common man.


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