Question 4: What are the factors on which liquid pressure depends?

Question 1: Define buoyant force.

Question 2: State the value of normal atmospheric pressure.

Question 3: Why do fountain pens start leaking at high altitude?

Ans 4- The factors on which liquid pressure depends are:

  • Depth of liquid
  • Density of liquid
  • Acceleration due to gravity.

Ans1-When a body is immersed in a fluid(liquid or gas) it exerts an upward force on the body. This force is called upthrust or buoyant force and the phenomenon is termed as buoyancy.

Ans2- Normal atmospheric pressure is equal to 76cm of mercury column in a barometer.

Ans3-because of low atmospheric pressure.

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liquid pressure depends on the depth and the density of the liqouid and acts in all directions. the difference between the two pressures on the two faces of the object causes a resultant upward force claad boyant force and the phenomenon is called boyancy. the valueof the atmospheric pressure is 76 permm of mercury.

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