Question 8 to 11

Question 8 to 11 Lig e ec Ion e rac Ion, s, Control & Coordination Hrsl ion: eas O re are a total of 28 questions and four sections in the question paper. A1 ction A contains questions number 1 to 4, very short-answer type questio ection B contains questions number'to 1 lvshort-answer type I questions Section C contains questions number l? to short-answer type II question Section D contains questions number 2 to 2 Long-answer type-li value What are hormones? Define reflection & its types Draw the graph between intensity of light and wavelength ECTION - Which conductor is (i) Best conductor of heat and electricity (ii) used fc ductile. are plant hormones and there functions. Draw the diagram for two condition of refraction (i) when light goes fr •are medium Nhich metal do not react with HCI or H2S04 to give H2 gas? Explain it object is placed in front Of concave mirror of focal length 20cm finc 'f mirror +3 Vhy does HN03 not give H2 with metals? Which metals give H2 with H Vhich gas is produced When dil. HCI is added to reacts metal? Write 'ith dil. H2S04. ame two metals which are (i) found in nature in native state. (ii) Foun ECTION - efine reflex action, with suitable diagram and example. {hat happens at synapse between the two neurons? ow does our body respond when adrenalin is secreted into the blood l) Define chemotropism. (b) Give one example of chemotropism-V efine snell law and refractive index ) Draw a structure of Neuron and label the following cn it. Nucleus, I ) Name the part of neuron. 14-12-2017 1 re information is acquired

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The question numbers are not mentioned in the question posted by you. I am solving one of the Chemistry questions.


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