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Dear student, f) we should cover our food properly so as to protect our food from housefly, mosquitios and dust particals. Prevention is always better than cure. Thus covering the food helps to avoid any disease that could happen due to the disease causing microorganisms and the chemicals. 3) when a housefly sits on contaminated food or lay eggs on garbage, they collect pathogens from there and spread it wherever they sit next. When the food is not covered and housefly comes in contact with it the pathogens are transfered to the food and when humans eat the food they get infected. Another way that the housefly contaminates food is by rubbing its legs together. All the parts of the fly have bristles and their tongue has sticky substance so when they rub themselves they drop the dangerous pathogens wherever they go. Most common diseases spread by the housefly are typhoid, tuberculosis and dysentery. 4) Housefly can be controlled by good sanitation and pest control methods. Mechanical and chemical controls can help in controlling the housefly and the spread of pathogens. Other methods of prevention are: 1) Covering the food properly 2) Maintaining hygiene in house mainly kitchen and toilets. 3) Elimination of breeding sites of housefly can help in reducing the number and prevention of diseases.Common breeding sites for house flies are animal sheds, garbage, and excrement. 4)Fly screens should be installed over ventilation covers and drain to prevent house flies from entering. Regards

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Answer is none of them were in que
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3. Insect like houseflies and also know as carriers of disease as they use to carry disease causing microbes from a dirty area to living beings.

4. To control houseflies we should follow these precautions :-
- maintain good hygiene
- avoid contaminated food and water
- maintain personal hygiene
- etc
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