Question No 2. Answer pls

Dear Student,
Please make sure that you post a clearer image next time, in order to make the question understood. Given below are few points that will help you. Kindly refer to the Website to find the format of a letter.
  • I am writing this letter to invite you over to my house for dinner.
  • You are familiar with our family get together in the past and the joy that we have experienced.
  • Its been so long and we need to catch up soon.
  • I am hoping that all of us cousins can gather for dinner and play games.
  • Our family is hoping to make the evening as interesting as possible.
  • We will have family board games and other entertainments.
  • We have also planned many surprises for all of you.
  • Please do come over and make the evening a memorable one.
I hope you find this answer helpful. Please post more questions on the forum to be assisted by our team.
Thank you.

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