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Question no 2 SectionEX (a) Describe what happens when a charged rod is brought close to an uncharged metal sphere. (b) Explain the above observation. @ Two identical spheres A and B are suspended from two silk threads and a negatively charged ebonite rod is held near A, as shown in Fig. 12.8. Fig. 128 (a) Describe what will you observe. (b) What charge appears on A and B? (c) Explain the appearance of charge on the basis of electron model. 3. A and B are two negativelv

Dear Student,
i) the sphere A will be attracted towards negatively charged rod and sphere B will be repelled.
ii) A has positive charges and B has negative charges.
ii)the presence of negatively charged rod,makes the free electrons from sphere A to drift to sphere sphere B has excess of electrons,therefore it gets negatively charged.similarly,as the sphere A has deficiency of electrons,therefore,it gets positively charged.
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