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Question no 27 X. day C. it in 12 days. How would •ke for m.•t by 15 km/h, it would have take' 2 kvth of tir purrry. LA tir due speed of the train be x km/h •ame y length of Purrry AIM) (X 30) (y - 2) xy - N. A bc»t take 2 lunars to go km down stream and it returrø 4 Qeed of ttr boat in Still water the stream A sails a distarxe Of 44 km in 4 hours cdrTent takes 4 kmger cover the same distance against the current. hnd sped oi boat All water and the speed of the current.

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Pls send page no i have same book and can answer correctly if i know the page number
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