question no. 29 please fast

question no. 29 please fast Mathematics (XD- 4 Solve graphically ; x 2y s 10. x + y > l, x —y s 20 2 . A' •linthebirxynialexparsicmof(l• are in AP prove that# 41)+4r2 —2 O . Tlrcableofa uniformly loaded susTrnsim bridge in the form Of a parabola. The roadway which is horizontal and I OOm long is suspenda! by vertical attaches to the cable. the longest 'Bire tring 3Chn the shortest being 6 m find tlr length ofsupporting wire attxhed to thc roadvay 18m from the middle. a If (x 4 y + z) fix). f (y) (z) andift(2) •4 and find f@2) . If y = x(ex: • bx find

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