Question no 3,4,5.

Question no 3,4,5. 7. find EXERCISE 12. a o' • cm_ a and •t many Can centre C and equal 4 crn, draw radii C X and CV 'o each w'thou' using protractor Join XY and ZCYX and J, Draw a "ne segment AB with 'cng'h 6S cru, With A as centre and radius cm. Circle. Wilh us centre and rad'us 2.5 Ctn. draw another In hoi.' many points the two ctrcles 'nlersecr each other? 4. Take = 6 cm With P and O as draw two Circles "lth radii 3.8 cm intersecting each at A II Is AB In a circle with cemre C. rak,: P and V on circle such that PQ radius of circle. Join CP and CO Measure ZPCQ„ Is an equiangular triangle? '2.4 TO Draw a [ 'ne Sogmcm L. dran a line of length 4.2 em-

Dear Student,
Your answer is,
They intersect at only one point.
The solution/s to your qno 3 has been provided above: . . . For remaining queries we request you to post them in separate threads to have rapid assistance from our experts.

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