Question no 6

Question no 6 exencjse g. E and side. of a i' on cuts EE at Q, Prove S. E and F are mid.ooints of sides AB and respectively Of a Prove that AETO is a parallelogram, 10. 4. ABCD is a parallelogram and its diagonals intersect each other at O. Through O, a 11. straight line is drawn cutting 'AB in, P and CD in Q. Prove that OP QO. 5. Prove that in any quadrilateral, the straight lines joining the mid-points of the sides form a parallelogram. 6. ABCD is barallelogram. The bisectors of the angles A and C meet the diagonal BD in P and Q respectively. Prove that AAPB ACQD. 7. In a quadrilateral ABCD, AB = CD also LABC = LBCD. Prove that AD and BC are parallel.

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