Question no. 76

76.  A simple potentiometer circuit is shown in figure. The internal resistance of 4 V battery is negligible. AC is the uniform wire of length 100 cm and resistance 2 Ω. What would be the length of AB for which galvanometer shows zero deflection.
(1)  82.5  cm                                                                          (2)  41.50  cm
(3)  165  cm                                                                           (4)  50  cm

Dear Student,

the voltage across AB should be 1.5 V for the no deflection in the galvanometer .current through the wire Ac at balanced situationI=42.4+2=0.91 Alet the length of AB be x2x100×0.91=1.5x=1501.82=82.5 ohm option 1Regards

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