Question no. 8

  • Symbolism- It is to signify a word with a meaning other than the literal meaning of the word. For example- the crow and hemlock tree stand for emotions like depression and sorrow in the poem 'Dust of Snow'
  • Personification- It is to give human qualities to inanimate objects. For example- fire and ice are given the power of mind and destruction in the poem 'Fire and Ice'
  • Enjambment- The continuation of one line into the other with punctuations. For example- 'He should be snarling around houses At the jungle's edge' in the poem 'A Tiger at the zoo'
  • Inversion- When the format of the sentence is changed. For example- 'And if there should to you advance' in the poem 'How to tell wild animals'
  • Metaphor- When a word or phrase is symbolically applied to signify something where it is not literally applicable. For example 'Balls will be lost always', Balls here are a metaphor for childhood, in the poem 'The Ball Poem'
  • Alliteration- The repetition of the same sound. For example- 'Stop that slouching and sit up straight ' in the poem 'Amanda'

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