Question number 8 tell me urgently

Question number 8 tell me urgently agreed 74.000 Prepare realisation ace Mont. a T -s 13.200, surro Abeer paid 8,720 8 Vish and Krish are parlncts sharinq their prolits and in the ratio of 1. They decide to dissolve their firm on 3 1st 2015. Their Sheet "s at that date Was as under Balance Sheet as at 31st March, 2015 Overdraft Ca$ral Alas Amt R) 70000 14.occ 54.0m Debt erg Cow-mission Receivable Bank 3.10.000 Leasehold property, machinery and furniture were divided among themselves and valuations were agreed at and 80,000 respectively tor Vish and Vish agreed to pay creditors and Krish agreed to meet the overdrafL Commission receivable was realised. Realisation expenses were 6.00m Stork is worth of book value. Investments Ore worth 36.0011 Stock and other assets except those stated above ate divided equally The accounts are settled by cash payment Show the ledger accounts. "S. Profit from Krish 28.000: Total ofbank account e? Renono

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