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Dear student. Combustion reaction of acetylene: C2H2 + 52O2 → 2CO2 + H2O According to reaction, At STP; 1 mole of acetylene that is 22.4L require 5/2 moles of oxygen that is 52×22.4 = 56L for complete combustion. Now, 160mL or 0.16L of acetylene will require = 56/22.4×0.16 = 0.4L or 400mL of oxygen for complete combustion 1 moles of acetylene that is 22.4L produce 2 moles that is 2×22.4 = 44.8L of carbon dioxide. Now, 0.16L of acetylene will produce = 44.8/22.4×0.16 = 0.32L or 320mL of carbon dioxide.. Hope it is clear. Regards

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