1.interprept the statement ;Man is born free,but everywhere he is in chains?

2.What is Rousseau's idea of General Will?explain his influence on the Jacobins.

3.Study John locke's ideas on monarchy and goverment and try to relate them with ''the Declration of Rights of Man and Citizen''.State the articles which are directly influenced by his ideology.

4.Montesquieu talked about seperation of powers.How was this principle incorporated in the French Constitution of 1791?

5.Mention the important declarations made by the National Assembly before the Draft of the constitution of 1791?

6.What changes were brought about in france as a result of adoption of the constitution of 1791?

7.State any six provisions of Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen in France?

8.Why did louis XVI do to save his throne as result of French revolution?What was the reaction of the rulers of the neighboring countries towards the French Revolution?

9.What did National Assembly do to counter the move of the French monarch and his supporting neighbors?

10.Write a short note on the Jacobins club and its ideology.

11.Examine the changes that were made in the constitution of France after the formation of National Convention.

12.When and on what chatge was the royal couple in France executed?

13.Who was Maximillian robespierre?Why the period from 1793 to 1794 is reffered as''the reigh of Terror''?

14.Mention the mesures undertaken by Robespierre during his reighn of terror to create equality in France.

15.What was Guillotine?

16.Why did a large group of people in France decide to wear long stripped trouser?What were they known as?

17.Explain the events thst led to the fall of Jacobins goverment.

18.Write a short note on the composition and role of the Directory.

19.Throw some light on the emergence of napoleon Bonaparte in the history of France.Why did his emergence marek the end of French revolution?

20.Which groups of the French society had gained from the constitution of 1791?


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