Questions - 10, 11, 12 , and 13
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10) a) The percentage of total sales for a product in a particular market that a business accounts for is the Market Standing for that company.

Innovation refers to the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay.

11)The Government adopted the 'Disinvestment Policy'. The policy was identified as an active tool to reduce the burden of financing the PSUs. The rationale of disinvestment was: 
  • To reduce the financial burden on the Government
  • To improve public finances
  • To introduce, competition and market discipline
  • To fund growth
  • To encourage wider share of ownership
  • To depoliticise non-essential services
​​12) Aditya can claim compensation of Rs 2 lakh from Company A and Rs 1 Lakh from B, as in case of double insurance the insurer shares actual loss in same proportion as they share premium.

13) The partnership firm involves social values.




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