Questions 4, 5,6

Questions 4, 5,6 4. Find the range. mean. median and mode for the given data. 12.16, 20.12,12, 20 5. Find the range, mean, mode and median of the following data. n. 73.43.91, 82 6. The following table lists Diya's and Smitcfs scores in five mathematics tests. Whose overall performance is better? (Hint: use measures of central tendency to draw conclusions). State which measure Of central tendency you used. 77 78 75 93 85 75 82 85 88 92 The given table shows the data collected in a survey conducted on 100 boys about the colour of their choice. Which colour is favoured the most arnong the boys? What is name gnen to this measure of central tendency?

Dear Student,
Kindly refer to the link for the similar query.(Q. no. 4)
Range of set of data is difference between largest and smallest values.
Largest number=20
Smallest number=12
Range =20-12 =8
Hope this information will clear your doubts about topic.
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