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Questions and ans Mandev A,nshuverma Bhuktaman r the following questions. a) Name the four dynasties that ruled period. b' Name the first and last kings of the Kirantdynasty. C) Who was Ashoka? What did he do in Nepal? d) Mention any two contributions by Mandev. e) How can you say that Amshuvermawasalearned king? Give two reasons. l; f) Why is the Lichchhavi period called the 'Golden Age'? g) What does Mahabharat tell us about the Kirants? h) Which dynasty's rule do you think is the most important and why? j) From which place of India did Lichchhavis come in Nepal?

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which quetsion do you need  krishna
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Question no. g and h
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such long questions!
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Ashoka was also know as Chandaashoka he was the son of bindusara he went nepal to spread buddhism
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