'Race did not make me an indian. But history did'. What does ruskin bond mean by 'history'?why doesche feels it is more important than race?

Ironically, in india ruskin bond was an outsider because of his race and British parent age ,yet when he came home to Jersey (england). A place that was foreign to him ,he was regarded as an outsider because he was Anglo-Indian. His longing for dhera made him return back on the west,when he still was . His love and devotion for India is something really striking to note in the life and literature of a person who is having Anglo -Indian blood flowing through his views Bond's India is limited primilary to the north India.
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Mera naam ching ching chi
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Ruskin bond India me parda hua tha. Paise ne England soongha diya tha. Chal parda marke woh udhar. Dekhna...idhar hi Aakar Marsha.
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History here mean that his ansistor were Indians . He feel that history is more important than race as his physical look was like as hi is from foren but his history tell the truth that he is from India . I thing that abslutely history matter more as our history tells about our past
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He thought is because the race of a person is not decided by him or her it is decided by God but we know about our past it is in oru hand
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Because he always believe in himself
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