Radhika is running a smallscale business of manufacturing decorative items in Delhi. Every
year she contributes 10% of her profit to Manyata foundation, a popular NGO in Noida which supports the programs based on senior citizens healthcare and carrying out activities. for them in the hospitals such as entertainment programs, festival celebrations and many more day-to-day activities. In the context of above case:
A. Identify and explain the type of objective of business being fulfilled by Radhika by
providing financial help to Manyata foundation.

B. Also,explain any three other objectives of business of the same type as identified in part
(a)of the question.

C. List any two values that are being observed by Radhika.

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A. Objective fulfilled  by Radhika in above case is Social Objective
Social objectives are those objectives of business which are desired to be achieved for the benefit of the society. Business earns income from sale of products and services to society so it is mandatory for the businesses to take care of the social factors. 

B. Three other types of social objectives of business :
(a) Employment Generation: Businesses shall thrive to create more and more employment opportunities .Business shall  give chances of beneficial employment to individuals of the society.
(b) Production of quality goods : The objective of business is not only to provide goods to the society but also to provide goods and services of high quality. Business should always try to improve the quality of goods and services continuously. 
(c) Environment preservation: Business exists, operates and grows in environment . So, a business must be aware about environmental problems and shall try to protect and conserve environment.

C. Values that are being observed by Radhika:
1. Commitment to society
2. Stewardship


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A- mutual helps for people B- helping the health care centers by entertaining the old people Working for the help of old people's health Helping the NGO's to entertain and decorate the hospital rooms for occasions
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