rainbow is an example for dispersion of sunlight .justify this statement by explaining with the help of a labelled diagram ,the formation of a rainbow in the sky .list two essential conditions for observing a rainbow.
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Rainbow forms when sunlight hits the water droplets suspended in the atmosphere and undergoes total internal reflection. When the sunlight comes out of the drop it disperses, where the drop acts like a small prism. This dispersion or breaking up of light into several colors is what forms the Rainbow. Hence, rainbow is an example of dispersion of sunlight.
Conditions for rainbow formation are:
1. A rain shower must have occurred  so that there is enough moisture in atmosphere.
2. The sun should be in the opposite direction.

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Yes, rainbow is the example of dispersion of sunlight. The two conditions are:
  • ​​Enough moisture content in the atmosphere.
  • Sun should be in the opposite direction.
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