Rakesh _______ (a) not quarrel with anyone in _______ (b) jail. Then one day I saw him_______ (c) his cool. In his ward _______ (d) was a youngman _______ (e) did not look like a criminal. (a) (i) do (ii) does (iii) did (iv) doing (b) (i) a (ii) an (iii) the (iv) some (c) (i) lose (ii) loses (iii) lost (iv) losing (d) (i) there (ii) their (iii) here (iv) nowhere (e) (i) which (ii) who (iii) that (iv) whose

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a) ii) does
b) iii) the
c) iv) losing
d) i) there
e) ii) who

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a) do
B) the
C losing
D there
E who
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