ram is an athlete who can run faster and for longer duration than a usual person . suresh found it fascinating and he asked rap about his stamina then ram tell due to strengthen muscles. what is a muscle and name it's unit

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Muscles are band of bundles of fibrous tissue present in human body and plays important role of movement and maintaining the position of parts of the body by its contacting property.
Muscles which are involved in running are skeletal muscles.

Sarcomeres are the basic structural and functional unit of striated muscles. It is able to contract so this makes the muscles to work. The sarcomere is made up of thin actin filaments and thick myosin filaments.The thick filaments at the time of contraction slide along the thin filaments and shortens the myofibril.

The diagrammatic representation of a sarcomere is as follows:


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Unit of muscle is called a sarcomere. A muscle is a contractile fibre that enables locomotion and movement
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