Ranjan's salary is 10% of Akhilesh's salary and vimal's salary is 20% of Ranjan's salary. Ranjan and vimal donated equal amount of their salaries for a social cause. If Vimal donated 30% of his salary . What % of the salary is donated by Ranjan?

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Let Akhilesh's salary be Rs xThen, Ranjan's salary will be 10% of x=x10and Vimal's salary will be 20% of x10=20100×x10=2x100Vimal donated 30% of his salary i.e30% of 2x100=30100×2x100=6x1000It is given that Ranjan and Vimal donated equal amount of their salariesSo. % of the salary donated by Ranjan=10x×6x1000=6100=6%

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