''Rapid improvement in technologies have been a major factor that has stimulated the globalisation process''.Support the statement with suitable examples.


Technology through travelling, media, scientific and technical workshops, internet and many other communication channels, has allows for the transmission of knowledge in the age of globalisation,  at a much greater pace than in the past. 

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rapid improvement in technology has been a major factor that has stimulated the process of globalisation because, :

a) improvent in technology means that the science in improved, which is responsible for the new gadgets which attract other countries.

b) the transport is improved which proves to be useful for the export and import of goods from one country to another. for example roads are constructed, airways are being improved, railways are increasing.

c) communication has improved which causes the communication between different countries which causes the developement of the globalisation.

d) improvement in technologies ,inspire the company owners , by which they start adopting new technologies for thier production of goods and hence result in the developement of country and also globalisation.

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