Rather than imposing his views on Derek , Mr. Lamb talked to him with such a great spontaneity that he got transformed in no time . How according to you did Mr. Lamb manage it?(value based question)

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Dear student,

Mr. Lamb used an altogether different approach to help Derry get out of his shell and transformed his life for good. While everybody looked at Derry with pity or disgust, Mr. Lamb was the first person to understand his true abilities and resolved to help him come out of the darkness in which he was living. He provoked Derry, he challenged him to break free from the shackles of society pressure and prejudices regarding handicap. He urged him to live a life for his own sake and ignore what the people around him had to say about his physical appearance. He made him believe that it was his self confidence that mattered and an outsider's comments should not bother him. Mr. Lamb did not try to teach Derry or impose his ideas about life and living on him. Instead, he gave him a chance to fight for his own self and rise triumphant.


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