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Reactions cha near 2 questions plzz its argent It is found in the volume of the 90s formed near the is dou5Jg „$hat ec the 90s formed peor the forrned near thc cathode und ox en os neur th rom this. is electrolysis of water hus and its constituent have been te concerned clectyogie reactions ure as follows. Cathode reaction 2H + 2e- —P + Anode reaction 2H O O. g) + • (aq)+ I Test the solutions in the two test tubes with litmus paper, do you see? Repeat the activity by using dilute as well as dilute NoOH us electrolyte. There are many applications of electrolysis of electrolytes. and Research Collect information about them.

Dear student,

When NaOH and H2SO4 are electrolysed two gases are formed -
Hydrogen gas at Cathode and Oxygen gas at Anode .
Reaction as follows-
At Cathode ,   2H+ + 2e- ------> H2(g)
At Anode , 4OH- ----> O2(g) +2H2O + 4e-

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