read the conversation and complete the passage

teacher-Have you copmpleted your project?

naresh- no madam,i am still working at in

teacher-how long will u take?

naresh-i shall finish it in three days time


the teacher asked naresh 1._____________ .naresh replied  2.__________________.the techer then asked naresh 3._________to which naresh replid that 4.___________________


plz give the answer to be filled in each blank

The teacher asked Naresh if he had completed his project. Naresh replied that he was still working on that. The teacher then asked Naresh the duration he would take to complete that to which Naresh replied that he should finish that in three days time.

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whether he had completed the work

that he had been still worked

how long will he take

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1)if he had completed his project

2)that he has not completed it yet

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1 wheather he has compleated his project

2.that he hadent compleated it and still working on it

3.that how long will he taketo compleate it.

4.he will finish it in three days time

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