Read the dialogue given below and then complete the report that follows:


Ranbir:Where is my car?I remember parking it here.

Policeman:The car has been towed away as you parked it in the "no parking zone"

Ranbir:Sir,can I be excused this once?

Policeman:I hope you will remember the lesson you learnt today.OK!This should be the last time.Dont repeat the mistake


Ranbir asked the policeman standing ther (a)__________.The policeman replied that the car (b)_____________ parked it in the "no parking zone".Ranbir requested the policeman (c)_____________.The policeman hoped he'd remember (d)_____________

Dear student,

a, where his car was. He remembered parking it there.
b. had been towed away as he had
c. if he could be excused that one time.
d. the lesson he had learnt that day. He hoped that that would be the last time and told him not to repeat the mistake.


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