read the extract and answer the question that follows
 I shall be telling this with a sigh 
somewhere ages and ages hence  
two road diverged in a yellow wood,and
i took the one less travel travelled by
and that has made all the difference
(a)What do you mean by 'sigh '?What will the speaker be telling with a sigh?
(b)Why was the poet say ,'and that has made all the difference'?

a. Sigh is a sign or expression of relief. The poet says about his decision with a relief because he is relieved and happy about having made a wise decision.
b. The choice that he has made at the right moment, he believes, made all the difference. If he had been wrong in his choice, he would be filled with grief and regret.

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A. Sigh is a sign of relief. The speaker, Robert frost would be telling about his decision with sigh.
B. The poet says , " that has made all the difference" because his decision of choosing one road between the two roads has shaped his future in a particular way . There is an ambiguity here as there is no sign whether he is happy with the choice or regrets it.

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