Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow : 13=3
The trees inside are moving out into the forest,
the forest that was empty all these days
where no bird could sit
no insect hide
no sun bury its feet in shadow
(a) Which three things cannot happen in a treeless forest ?
(b) Why was the forest empty ?
(c) Which word here means ‘hide from view’ ?

  • No Birds can sit in the forest
  • No insect can hide in it
  • The sun's shadow could not be hidden in it
b)The trees are being moved out of the forest (metaphorically they are being cut-Deforestation),Without trees, the forest loses its animals and thus is empty.
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Ans a)
  • No birds can sit
  • No insect hide in it
  • The sun can't bury its shadow in it
Ans b) The forest were empty because the trees were inside the man-made forest, where no sun could reach and no animals could hide or sit on it. Thus, the forest was empty.

Ans c) Bury
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