Read the following sentences and provide the Correct punctuation mark.
a. Would you like to go to the park after school
b. You can take my dog Rex for a walk after dinner
c. I'm so excited.
d. Why are you so sad today
e. Oh, I am just so mad at him
f. When I'm 10 years old, I can take the bus to school 
g. How much money did you take to the store with you
h. I wish my mom would give me money for the store 
i. What did you say you named your dog 
j. I am inviting everyone in my class to my party 
k. Ouch, that really hurt 
l. Not another rainy day 
m. He won the race 
n. Let's ask the teacher if we can stay in at recess 
o. I really don't feel very good today 

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Read the following sentences and provide the correct punctuation mark. 5
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3. I'm so excited !
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