Read the given lines and compleat the story in about 150 to 200 words. Give a suitable title to it:

Last Sunday I was watching T.V  suddenly I heard people shouting outside.....



The Memorable incident

Last Sunday, I was watching T.V., when suddenly I heard people shouting outside. I immediately got out of my house to see what was the matter. Then I saw the most dangerous sight i had ever seen till now in my life. A whole office building was was burning and turning into ashes in front of my eyes. The fire started from the basement and it was so dreadful that it was slowly spreading to the upper floors like a forest fire. It was looking like the same way as it was during the incident of 9/11 when the world trading centre blasted off. The fire brigade came in a minute and started putting of the fire with tons of litres of water. Still it was very hard to put that off. At last the whole fire was put off after a whole ten minutes. By that time, almost the whole building turned into ashes. The whole crowd went silent and were extremely sad. And the worst news was there were many people inside the office and no one was saved. Luckily my father had a day off or else I would have lost him for life.

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