Read the instructions given below for making gulab jamuns and then till in the blanks in the passage using verbs in the passive form :
(i ) take corn nour and milk powder. 
(ii) mix corn flour and milk powder with small quantity Of water. 
(iii) prepare a dough. 
(iv) make small round balls.
 ​(v) take refined oil and heat it up. 
(vi) put dough-balls in the hot Oil in a frying pan. 
(vii) Take the balls out, when light brown 
(viii) prepare sugar syrup. 
(ix) put the round balls in the sugar syrup. 
(x) gulab jamuns are ready to served.

Corn flour and milk powder are (a) .......... ​and made dough. Small round balls are (b) .......... 
Then refined oil is (c) .........  on the stove . ​on the stove. When it is hot, round balls are (d) ....... They are (e)....... out of the frying pan. In another pan sugar syrup is (f)........ Now the brown balls are (g)....... in this sugar syrup. Your delicious gulab jamuns are ready, they can be (h) ...... to the guests


Dear Student,

a) to be taken
b) to be made
c) to be heated
d) to be fried
e) to be taken out
f) to be prepared
g) to be put
h) served

Thank you.

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