Read the passage and answer the questions given below.
According to UNICEF reports,India has the largest number of children today with about one-third of the population below 18 years.This result has been arrived at in spite of the fact that only about 35% births are actually registered.It is also a fact that,out of 100 students who enrol in schools,70 drop out before reaching the secondary level and out of every 100 students who drop out of school,66 are girls.
1.How many births are registered for about 8000 births in a village?Why is it necessary to have all births registered?
2.What percentage of students,complete the secondary stage in education?What could be some reasons for the large numbers of dropouts in our schools?
3.With the given information,write the ratio of girls to boys dropouts in India?
4.If you had an opportunity,what suggestions would you offer to ensure youngsters completed school education?
5.What reasons would you offer to convince parents to educate their daughter?

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1)  Number of births registered =35% of 8000=35100×8000=2800Birth registration is the process by which a childʼs birth is recorded in the civil register by the government authority. It provides the first legal recognition of the child and is generally required for the child to obtain a birth certificate and as a result any other legal documents and rights.2) % of students  who completes secondary education is:=30100×100     70 drop out of 100 students=30 Lack of money for treatment, poor parental literacy, and a general lack of alternatives could be cited as adding on to this reason for dropout.3) Required  ratio is given by:66100-66     of every 100  drop out students 66 are girls=66344)  A good education, and career opportunities combine as important factors to ensure positive outcomes for youth, not only in preventing delinquency but also in preventing substance abuse, violent behavior, teenage pregnancy, and school dropout. 5) Convincing the parents by telling them that a good education can help their daughter to explore various oppurtunities with respect to her career, finances and most importantly her life. Tell them that education makes a person self-dependent , their  daughter wouldn't have to struggle everyday to make her ends meet, she will have the ability to stand on her own two feet and take care of them as well . 

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