rearrange the following to form meaningful sentences.
1. a sheen /and wings/forked tail/on/it has/the back/ a long.
2. beneath it/ at / with/ dark read / it's throat / a / it has / blue band
3. often / open space / swallows / over / seen skimming / a pond / or / are / an.
4. sometimes / a busy / they may/ down / be found / city Street / hunting insects.

In the first sentence SHEEN means soft lustre on surface therefore ur answer for the first one is : 1. It has a long forked tail a sheen and wings on the back 
2. (I AM NOT SURE OF THIS ONE ) it has a blue band beneath it at its throat with dark red 
3. (I don't know )
4.sometimes they may be be found down a busy city street hunting insects 
i hope the answers which I gave are ryt ....thumbs up 
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3. Often swallows are seen skimming over an open space or pond.
2. At its throat, it has a blue band with dark red beneath it.
1 and 4. Refer to Aswathy Vijakrishnan's answer
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Swallow is one if the best known summer visitors.
2. It has a long and a sheen forked tail and wings on the back.
3. It has a blue band at its throst with dark red beneath it.
4. Dont know
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