reason for the old people being harassed ,abused and abandoned in India

people are thinking burden to the old peoples

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 The most common reason for the abuse is because of property related matters

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because of the problem of burden in the family.........

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They are considered a burden. People think taking care of them is a waste of money. Old people are physically weak they need help but people are irritated to help them.
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They are not financially productive
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Because of increasing materialism,modern life style.....
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they doesnt care they think they are a great burden as their family is too more enough for them
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due to development of the social values old people who were thought as the roots of the society and good moral values are now being treated as a rubbish which can be taken out of our houses by putting them in old age homes . they are in the stage of thier second childishness as quoted by shakespeare "sans teeth ,sans eyes ,sans taste" they are irritative as they need more attention but that doesnt mean that u completely ignore them.
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The biggest reason is that they are helpless.

When the world sees everything in terms of money, they are not worth the money and whatever they were is not recognized now.

Some cases, They did not sow love in the hearts of these youngsters. There is a story which goes like, the mother was put in a old age home. she was about to die. she calls her son and he visits her. she requests him to donate a AC in her name to the home. He asks why as you are not going to be here anymore.. she tells its not for me.. its for you.. you cannot sleep without AC.

Many seniors think they can do back seat driving and live their sons daughters life. That hurts them. mostly emotional black mailing.

Then when you were young, you treated the kids pretty badly, and that pain is returned.

How to avoid this will be shower love on your kids and treat them properly. one exam here and there will not kill their career or life.

Save for your old age. if nobody you can live alone.

If you are staying with your children, dont insist on watching TV or advising in each and every decision they take. Being a silent observer helps a lot. Adapt to the current way of living.. dont insist on your likes and dislikes.

Mostly you will be safe.
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yo bro
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