reason of poor human capital formation in india

Reason for poor human capital formation in india are :

  1. The absolute number of illiterates in india is as much as India's population was at the time of independence.
  2. The need to promote education for women in India is imminent for various reasons such as improving economic independence and social status of women.
  3. The Indian education pyramid is steep,indicating lesser and lesser number of people reaching the higher education level.
  4. The level of unemployment among the educated youth is highest.
  5. The government should increase allocation for higher education and also improve the standard of higher education institutions.
  6. The spread of education and health services across different sectors of societyshould be ensured so as to simultaneously attain economic growth and equity.
  7. The need of the hour is to better it qualitatively and provide such condition so they are utilised in our own country.

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