Reema being a plant lover, decides to open a nursery and she bought few plants with pots. She wants to place the pots in such a way that number of the pots in the first row is 3, in the second row is 5 and in the third row is 7 and so on.....

a)Find the expression for number of plants in the nth row.
i) 2n + 1
ii) 2n − 1
iii) 4n − 1
iv) 2n + 3

b) Find the number of plants in the 7th row.
i) 21
ii) 7
iii) 15
iv) 17

c) If there are 25 plants in the last row, find the total number of rows.
i) 11
ii) 10
iii) 13
iv) 12

d) Assuming that Reema has kept distance between any two consecutive plants
in a row as 30 cm, find the length of the 12th row (i.e. the distance between
the first and the last plant in the 12th row neglecting the width of the plants).
i) 7.5 metres
ii) 7.2 metres
iii) 6.9 metres
iv) 7.0 metres

e) Reema’s father gifts her 50 more plants. She continues to arrange these
plants in Arithmetic Progression. She observes that she is falling short of
some plants to complete the A.P. How many minimum number of plants
does she require more to complete the A.P. ? (Assuming 25 plants in the last
row before her father gifts her 50 plants).
i) 6
ii) 7
iii) 8
iv) 5

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